What is a “cookie”?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded onto your computer when accessing certain websites. Cookies enable a website, amongst others, to store and recover information on the browsing patterns of a user or its PC. Depending on the information they contain and the way in which they are used in your PC, they may be used for user recognition.

Different types of cookie

  1. Cookie types depending on the entity managing the PC or domain from where cookies are sent and data processed:
    • Own cookies: sent to the user’s terminal from a PC or domain managed by the editor, providing the service requested by the user.
    • Third party cookies: sent to the user’s terminal from a PC or domain not managed by the editor, but by another entity processing the cookie-based data

    If the cookies are installed from a PC or domain managed by the editor, but the information gathered is managed by a third party, they may not be considered own cookies.

  2. Cookie types depending on the length of time they remain active in the terminal:
    • Session cookies: designed to collect and store data whilst the user accesses a website. Usually used to store information that is only necessary to provide the service requested by the user just once (e.g. list of products purchased).
    • Persistent cookies: data continue to be stored at the terminal and may be accessed and processed over a certain period of time, established by the cookie manager, ranging from a few minutes to several years.
  3. Cookie types depending on the purpose given to the processing of cookie data:
    • Behavioural advertising cookies
    • Technical cookies
    • Personalisation cookies
    • Analysis cookies
    • Advertising cookies

What type of cookies area used on our website?

Third party cookies

Analysis cookies: Processed by the firm or by third parties, in order to quantify the number of users and conduct a statistical measurement and analysis of the users’ use of the service offered. To do this, a user’s browsing history is analysed on our website in order to improve it.

The application we use to obtain and analyse information is Google Analytics.

The cookies used (_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmt y _utmz) are Third Party Cookies.

EThese cookies are used to gather information on user browsing on our website, in order to discover the source of any visits and similar statistics.

The following links provide more information on and the use given to the cookies used by Google Analytics: Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites and Google Privacy Centre.

Other cookies may also be installed in various sections of our website, for content sharing, specifically the following:

We also use our own cookies, such as:

  • User interface personalisation cookie
  • Plug-in cookie to exchange social contents
  • Form completion cookie

All these cookies are exempt from a duty to inform and obtain the user’s consent./p>

If you continue browsing, we will presume that use of cookies is accepted. You may change your browser’s configuration in order to be notified of any cookies downloaded into your hard drive or, if you wish, on your hard drive’s cookie storage capacity

Cookie management

PAs cookies are regular text files, they may be explored in most text editors or word processing programmes. Click on a cookie if you wish to open it. Next, a list of links will be displayed where cookies may be viewed in different search engines. If you use another engine, check the relevant cookie information. If using a mobile phone, refer to the operating manual for more information.





Internet Explorer 8-10






Cookie deactivation/activation or removal

Any cookie restriction or blocking is carried out by configuring the search engine.

If you do not wish any websites to install cookies in your computer, you may reconfigure your search engine in order to be notified before any cookie is installed. Likewise, you may configure the search engine to reject all cookies, or only third party cookies. You may also remove any cookies already installed in your computer. Please note that each search engine and computer used will need to be separately reconfigured.

If you do not wish to receive any cookies, please be advised that we will be unable to guarantee adequate operation of our website. Some of the website’s functions may be lost and certain pages not made visible. A rejection of all cookies does not exclude any advertising. It just means that ads will not reflect your interests and will be displayed more frequently.

Each search engine has a different method for reconfiguration. If necessary, check the Help function in the browser for adequate configuration.

In order to deactivate cookies on your mobile phone, check the operating manual for more information.

PMore information on cookies is available at http://www.aboutcookies.org/

Given the manner in which Internet and websites operate, we do not always have information on third party cookies installed throughout website. This is particularly true in the case of integrated components on our website: text, documents, pictures or short films stored elsewhere but displayed on or through our website.

Consequently, should you find this type of cookie on our website (not included in the foregoing list), please advise us. You may also directly contact the third party in question for information on its cookies, their purpose and duration, and how your privacy is guaranteed.

This website uses own and third party cookies to obtain information on your search habits and improve the quality of our services and your browsing experience. If you agree, please click on ACCEPT or continue browsing. Further information