SFA participó en el Congreso Fútbol de Tiempo Completo en México

Last 31 May, Grupo Milenioorganised the Forum known as “Full-time Football”, a venue for talking about the business created around the football industry.

Discussing, analysing and providing opinions on the panel were Rogelio Roa, Commercial Manager of the Puebla Club, Isaura Morales, Sports Media Partner of Facebook social network, Emilio Herrera, Marketing and Communication Manager of Monterrey Football Club, Mario Olvera, General Manager of Puma México, and Luis Torres Septién, a partner at Senn, Ferrero legal practice in Mexico.

The main subjects tackled by the panel from different standpoints were basically the growth of Mexican football, new technologies and latest world tendencies for gaining new markets, particularly North America.

Further information here: http://www.milenio.com/milenio-foros/el-futbol-desde-la-industria-los-medios-y-la-cancha

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