Nuestro asociado Ignacio Triguero incluido en el listado de abogados pro bono publicado por la FIFA de conformidad con la Circular nº 1691

Since November 1, 2019, our associate Ignacio Triguero has been included in the FIFA pro bono counsel list[1] and the free legal assistance system implemented in accordance with Circular No. 1691 of September 2, 2019[2] and articles 42 of The Disciplinary Code and article 38bis of the Code of Ethics.

In this sense, the new editions of the Disciplinary Code and the Code of Ethics provide financial support, as well as the possibility of having the services of pro bono jurists for those parties with fewer financial resources who wish to participate in the proceedings before the Disciplinary Commission, the Appeals Commission and the Ethics Commission.[3].

Consequently, we appreciate the trust and inclusion in this list, and for the sake of offering quality legal assistance to those parties that have fewer financial resources.

[1] Complete list available through the following link:



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